The Course

Sene Valley Golf Club, Hythe


Marker Posts are 150 yds to the Centre of the Green.

We have a first class practice putting green complimented by a short game practice area with bunker, there is also a practice area to the left of the 1st Tee

Halfway Hut

Open 8:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. (Weather permitting) Every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays

1st Hole - Par 4

W) 354yds – (Y) 332yds – (R) 304yds

A nice start to any round. A straight drive will miss the fairway bunker at 186 yards leaving a downhill shot to a well guarded green. Bunker front left and an elevated green. Don’t go long as your leave a tricky chip back to the pin.

2nd Hole - Par 3

(W) 160yds – (Y) 142yds – (R) 131yds
A well-struck shot is needed to clear the two greenside bunkers. A sloped green from back to front can leave a slick putt. Walk off with a par and you should be happy!

3rd Hole - Par 4

(W) 354yds – (Y) 336yds – (R) 327yds
Bunker on the right of the fairway 205 yards from White Tee. A straight drive is required. For most players, the second shot will be blind so check that the green is clear before proceeding.

4th Hole - Par 4

(W) 393yds – (Y) 378yds – (R) 369yds
A straight par 4 which usually plays downwind. Keep it on the fairway for a straight forward second shot to a large double level green. The green is protected by a greenside bunker on the right.

5th Hole - Par 4

(W) 329yds – (Y) 318yds – (R) 313yds
The fairway falls to the right, the small tree is actually in the centre of the fairway, there is a bridle path 135yards approx. from the white tee.

6th Hole - Par 3

(W) 203yds – (Y) 187yds – (R) 164yds
A great par 3 This hole is longer than it looks, if the wind is against, you don’t always feel it, as the tee is low down

7th Hole - Par 4

(W) 410yds – (Y) 400yds – (R) 333yds
Out of Bounds to the left, the ball will run away to the right so a straight drive is best. Beware players playing the 8thHole

8th Hole - Par 5 (M) Par 4 (L)

(W) 469yds – (Y) 446yds – (R) 442yds
Stay right with your drive, trouble on the left. the hole doglegs to the left.

9th Hole - Par 4

(W) 360yds – (Y) 315yds – (R) 300yds
If you want length with your drive then a draw is required alternatively you will need to clear the trees on the left as this hole is ‘doglegged’ to the left. a safer shot is through the gap but not too long. If you are playing from the yellow tees then this hole is straight.

10th Hole - Par 4 (M) Par 5 (L)

(W) 463yds – (Y) 440yds – (R) 429yds
Arguably the most difficult hole on the course, it’s the second shot that catches most players out. if you go for the green you will find, although a large green in width, it is quite narrow in depth. If you play safe then you need to keep well left as there is a ‘dip’ waiting to catch your ball.

11th Hole - Par 3

(W) 140yds – (Y) 131yds – (R) 92yds
If you miss the green you could be in trouble, unless you can see your ball, play a provisional. ‘Out of bounds’ to the right. A Large bunker covers the front edge of the green and around the entire right hand side.

12th Hole - Par 4 (M) Par 5 (L)

W) 439yds – (Y) 424yds – (R) 382yds
Not only is this hole long the green is difficult to read. ‘Out of bounds’ to the right.

13th Hole - Par 4

(W) 319yds – (Y) 319yds – (R) 287yds
There is a lateral hazard behind the green and a bunker front left, if you hit this green it should stop but favor the right side as the green slopes to the left.

14 th Hole - Par 5

(W) 495yds – (Y) 488yds – (R) 443yds
A Blind drive with ‘out of bounds’ to the right, make sure those in front are out of range, there is a warning bell further down the fairway.

15th Hole - Par 5

(W) 520yds – (Y) 460yds – (R) 451yds
Blind drive (wait until you hear the bell), there is a drainage ditch across the fairway which is approx. 150 yards from the green. Bunkers left and front right of the green.

16th Hole - Par 3

(W) 138yds – (Y) 126yds – (R) 112yds
Better long than short on this Hole. If the pin is on the right and you want to chase it then you will need an extra club. There is a two tier green, rumour has it, that it slopes towards the sea.

17th Hole - Par 4

(W) 317yds – (Y) 315yds – (R) 293yds
Important to get a straight drive here. A steep slope up the fairway leads to the green that has bunkers either side.

18th Hole - Par 4

(W) 434yds – (Y) 413yds – (R) 341yds
The 18th Hole is one of the very few holes that are reasonably flat. A long hole, you would do well to get on in two but it does depend on the wind direction. The green is 256 yards from the directional post.

Sene Valley Golf Club is a real hidden gem a fantastic semi links course set in the beautiful surroundings of Hythe, Kent.
With amazing views over the English Channel and surrounding Kent countryside, on a clear day, you can view the cliffs of France.

Sene Valley Golf Club is a true test of golf for all abilities and boasts our very own Amen corner from holes 10, a long par 4 risk or reward hole to the 12th hole which is not only long but requires an accurate tee shot and in between these glorious holes our signature Par 3 11th Hole which although only short requires hitting the green and has proved to ruin many a great medal round.

In the dry summer months Sene Valley can play like a tricky links course, and in the Winter and Spring like a parkland course, testing the short game and course management of any golfer.

Here are just a few reviews from visitors of our great course;

“Six of us played on a clear sunny day, and the views were superb. The course was in fabulous condition, especially the greens which must have been running 9 on the stimp meter. Holes 1-9 are good but Holes 10-18 really test every club in the bag (and your fitness!). All the members we met were extremely welcoming, as were the clubhouse staff. I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a friendly game of golf in great surroundings.” P Frost

“I had the privilege to play this course last week and I must say it is one of the most scenic and demanding courses I have played. From 12 of the 18 fairways, you have breathtaking views of the English Channel and Coastlines, but this is not just a links course, the woodlands in which the course is set have been sculptured to perfection, and the cliffs have just the right amount of backdrop to allow for wayward balls. The Greens are like glass, well shielded and indeed in some cases, you are playing 400+ yards blind from the tees. The staff and members are some of the friendliest I have come across and the 19th has some fantastic services. I have played over 300 courses around Britain, and this is one that I would definitely recommend to anyone” C Wagstaff

“A great course and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone what ever your handicap. The views are extremely wonderful, the members are friendly and accommodating with information of the course. Go and play this course.” J Coucher

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Sene Valley Golf Club

A fantastic undulating Henry Cotton designed course with amazing views and established greens, providing a true test of golf that can be enjoyed by golfers of all abilities.

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Saturday – Sunday
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