Honours Boards – Mixed since 1950

Sene Valley Golf Club, Hythe

Branson Bowl

1950 L. F. Yeo
1951 Miss. Watson
1952 R. S. Hills
1953 E. H. Cooper
1954 L. F. Yeo
1955 W. J. Hatcher
1956 Dr. W. J. Keating
1957 R. W. Cheesmur
1958 W. K. Trueman
1959 A. Leith
1960 A. Pentecost
1961 C. W. G. Farley
1962 A. J. Riddell
1963 P. Southon
1964 I. F. Black
1965 P. Southon
1966 F. E. Rumbold
1967 I. S. Plant
1968 C. A. Perrett
1969 T. M. Saunders
1970 M. P. Taylor
1971 R. L. Munday
1972 R. L. Munday
1973 A. Leith
1974 W. C. E. Jakins
1975 J. R. Russell
1976 M. Taylor
1977 F. E. Rumbold
1978 A. J. Bradford
1979 J. Hamilton
1980 A. R. Higgins
1981 M. R. Walter
1982 D. Alleyne
1983 P. Kaye
1984 H. Brown
1985 A. Warman
1986 D. Sells
1987 J. Hamilton
1988 D. Carney
1989 S. Harding
1990 J. Hamilton
1991 J. Hamilton
1992 A. Bradford
1993 D. A. Moore
1994 J. Kirby
1995 R. Thwaites
1996 J. Hamilton
1997 D. Baldwin
1998 J. Hamilton
1999 J. Hamilton
2000 G. Moseley
2001 M. C. Quinn
2002 M. Farbrace
2003 S. Soutor
2004 D. Hitchman
2005 M. Farbrace
2006 S. More
2007 P. S. Carney
2008 M. Ide
2009 L. Murkin
2010 H. Hoskins
2011 C. Dewan
2012 D. Puxted
2013 S. Davie
2014 S. Souter
​2015 J. Hamilton
​2016 J. Hamilton

Jubilee Bowl

1958 Mr.& Mrs. E. S. Nash
1959 Mr.& Mrs. H. L. Castle
1960 Mr.& Mrs. A. Leith
1961 Mr.& Mrs. H. L. Castle
1962 E. S. Nash/Mrs. M. Waller
1963 I. F. Black/ Mrs. M. Upton
1964 Mr.& Mrs. A. Leith
1965 H. Bart-Smith/ Miss. M. Hodgson
1966 E. S. Nash/Mrs. R. A. Castle
1967 H. Bart-Smith/ Miss. M. Hodgson
1968 I. F. Black/ Mrs. M. Upton
1969 R. Cazeaux de Grange/ Mrs. M. Upton
1970 W. C. Hamilton/ Mrs. E. Norman
1971 R. B. Jones/ Mrs. C. Jones
1972 R. Hoskins/ Mrs. M. Upton
1973 Mr. & Mrs. P. C. Cranmer
1974 R. B. Jones/ Mrs. A. Dadswell
1975 W. C. E. Jakins/ Mrs. B. Gascoigne
1976 S. A. Maskell/ Mrs. I. Jinks
1977 R. F. Cook/ Miss. M. Hodgson
1978 R. F. Cook/ Miss. M. Hodgson
1979 A. M. Semple/ Mrs. I. Jinks
1980 D. Alleyne/ Mrs. F. M. Cook
1981 R. F. Cook/ Miss. M. Hodgson
1982 Mr. & Mrs. D. F. C. Thomas
1983 J. Hamilton/ Miss. B. Moseley
1984 D. Newman/ Mrs. M. Mace
1985 J. Hamilton/ Miss. B. Moseley
1986 J. Williams/ Mrs. W. Franklin
1987 F. Rumbold/ Mrs. I. Jinks
1988 D. Newman/ Mrs. V. Cook
1989 Mr. & Mrs. P. D. Gilbert
1990 Mr. & Mrs. C. Hatcher
1991 Mr. F. Rumbold/ Mrs. I. Williams
1992 Mr. & Mrs. C. Hatcher
1993 Mr. & Mrs. D. Baldwin
1994 Mr. & Mrs. J. Denham
1995 Mr. &. Mrs. P. J. Smith
1996 S. Alleyne/ Miss. B. Moseley
1997 B. Hodgkinson/ Mrs. B. Plumptre
1998 D. Jamieson/ Mrs. L. Arnold
1999 I. McMillan/ Mrs. A. Flower
2000 A. Duncan/ Mrs. E. Dixey
2001 R. Gibson/ Mrs. L. Brouwer
2002 P. Richardson/ C. Flemmings
2003 R. Thomason/ Dr. I Roeschnar
2004 D. Jamieson/J. Hilton
2005 D. Jamieson/J. Hilton
2006 I. MacMillan/A. Summers
2007 R. Arnold/ L. Jones
2008 P. Richardson/ C. Flemmings
2009 P. Richardson/ C. Flemmings
2010 T. Marsh/ A. Summers
2011 M. Silk/ I. Ahern
2012 R. Arnold/ L. Jones
2013 L. Brouwer/S. Potter
2014 P. Richardson/C. Flemmings
2015 P. Graham/I. Ahern
​2016 S. Potter/L Brouwer

Presidents Prize

R. Gammon1963 R. Hack Mrs J. M. Day
1964 A. Pentecost Mrs M. Tarver
1965 H. Bart-Smith Mrs. M. Upton
1966 K. A. Edwards Miss M. Hodgson
1967 A. Hodgkinson Mrs J. M. Day
1968 W. S. Price Mrs B. C. Price
1969 A. Leith Mrs M. Upton
1970 T. Newton Jnr Mrs J. M. Day
1971 S. Pentecost Mrs D. Castle
1972 Mr R. File Mrs A. Dadswell
1973 A. R. Sidders Mrs M. Upton
1974 J. Dadswell Mrs R. Edwards
1975 D. Wiggell Mrs I. Jinks
1976 T. Newton Jnr Miss M. Hodgson
1977 R. Hills Mrs S. Record
1978 B. S. Hutchings Mrs M. Maddaford
1979 N. R. Barham Mrs D. Hughes
1980 A. R. Higgins Mrs J. Whiting
1981 R. Montgomery Mrs J. Wood
1982 S. Burke Mrs J. Gammon
1983 G. Brown Miss B. Moseley
1984 A. Warman Mrs C. Jones
1985 J. Hamilton Miss B. Moseley
1986 G. Zabrockie Mrs J. Gammon
1987 M. Sanders Mrs M. Swinfin
1988 P. Hitchcock Mrs J. Hilton
1989 C. Wells A. Gilbert
1990 D. Carney Mrs J. Whiting
1991 G. Moseley Mrs J. Sanders
1992 W. C. Hamilton Mrs R. Hatcher
1993 D. Baldwin Mrs J. Stagg
1994 B. Chase Mrs J. Bulgin
1995 S. Alleyne Miss B. Moseley
1996 J. Glenister Miss N. Timmins
1997 G. Cristall Mrs J. Hilton
1998 M. Lineham Miss G. Metcalfe
1999 B. Seeley Mrs S. Watson
2000 D. G. Johnson Mrs. R. Whalley
2001 T. Crombie Mrs. G. Spear
2002 M. Henderson Mrs. I. Williams
2003 J. Staveley Mrs V. Hester
2004 G. Cristall Ms A. Ottermayer
2005 A. Dommett Ms G. Metcalfe
2006 S. Morris Mrs. A. Summers
2007 Balkrishna Gurung Dr. I Roeschnar
2008 Muhti Gurung Mrs. L. Brouwer
2009 J. Forsyth. Mrs L. Brouwer
2010 S. Dewan. C. Flemmings
2011 K. Law. Mrs L. Jones
2012 A. Green. Mrs C. Gill
2013 S. Egglestone. S. Turbutt
2014 T. Moore, Mrs L. Jones
​2015 R. Gee, A. Kelly
​​2016 M. Bennett/R. Gammon

Sene Valley Golf Club Logo

Sene Valley Golf Club

A fantastic undulating Henry Cotton designed course with amazing views and established greens, providing a true test of golf that can be enjoyed by golfers of all abilities.

Contact Details

Blackhouse Hill
CT18 8BL

Phone: 01303 268513
Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
Pro-shop 8.00am - 4.30pm
Clubhouse 8.00am – Dusk
Office 9.00am - 4.00pm

Saturday – Sunday
Pro-shop 8.00am – 5.00pm
Clubhouse 8.00am – Dusk
Office 10.00am - 4.00pm


Steve Hunt 01303 268513
[email protected]

Membership Enquiries, Golf Society Bookings & Room Hire
Donna Brandon 01303 268513 (opt: 1)
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Bar & Restaurant

John Prest 01303 268513
[email protected]

Bar Manager
Steve Hunt 01303 268513
[email protected]

PGA Professionals

Aaron Galbraith 01303 262550
[email protected]

Greg Holman 01303 262550
[email protected]

Head Green Keeper

Jay Motta 01303 268513

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